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Well-Being Canada

Empowering every Canadian to support their own well-being
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Now, more than ever, there is a critical need for well-being resources and mental health interventions. With rising stress levels, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, individuals of all ages, especially youth, are grappling with the consequences.

Canada is facing a mental health crisis

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1 in 4

people by the age of 25 will have experienced a mental health issue.


of youth 6-18 experience a deterioration in at least one mental health domain - such as depression, anxiety, irritability, attention, hyperactivity, obsessions or compulsions.


of mental health problems onset during childhood or adolescence.

Mental health issues

Well-Being at Waterloo Ford Lincoln

Situated in the vibrant heart of Downtown, Waterloo Ford Lincoln stands proudly as an integral part of the local community, weaving a rich tapestry of support and empowerment for its residents. With a longstanding commitment to the Well-Being of Edmontonians, our dealership goes beyond the traditional role of car sales to actively contribute to the flourishing of the Edmonton community.

Looking forward, Waterloo Ford Lincoln is poised to extend its impactful community involvement, aligning with the overarching mission of Well-Being Canada. By participating in this broader initiative, Waterloo Ford Lincoln aims to enhance and amplify its contributions, joining forces with like-minded organizations committed to improving the overall welfare of communities throughout Edmonton.

The partnership with Well-Being Canada signifies a strategic and comprehensive approach to community engagement, enabling Waterloo Ford Lincoln to contribute not only to immediate needs but also to the broader goals of mental health and physical health.

In essence, Waterloo Ford Lincoln's narrative is one of collaboration, compassion, and a genuine desire to foster a stronger, healthier community. As the dealership embarks on this journey within the Well-Being Canada framework, it eagerly anticipates continuing its legacy of community support, ensuring that Edmonton remains a thriving place for everyone.

A focus on promotion and prevention

Starting with Canada’s youth, Well-being Canada is helping to build a healthier future generation. Our K-12 program empowers students with the essential skills and tools they need to build resilience, foster self-care habits and translate knowledge into impactful action. As we incorporate social-emotional learning and mental health literacy into the core curriculum nationwide, we break down stigma and equip our youth with formidable competencies, championing their lifelong well-being.

And watch for new resources for the family and workplace in 2024!

A focus on promotion and prevention